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Rixstine Store Front

The Story of Rixstine Recognition

Our History

In 1932, Arthur Rixstine and his sons, Don and Ken, opened a store at 1108 P Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. It started out as mostly a jewelry store with a few silver cups. However, the store was called Rixstine Trophy and Jewelry, which mostly offered awards like medals and pins. In World War 2, the demand for walnut trees was significant due to the war effort, resulting in their wood being rarely used for everyday purposes. Back then, walnut was commonly employed for crafting items such as plaques and bases. However, due to these demands, there was a shift towards selling a considerable number of silver cups, often without bases, as you can observe from that period. After Arthur passed away in 1945, Ken and Don ran the shop for several years.

Old Rixstine Store Room

In 1984, Ken and Don sold their family company to Tim and Cindy Hoffman. Under their leadership, the company transformed into a global entity, catering to customers across all 50 states and international markets in China, Japan, and Canada. Recognizing the uniqueness of their enterprise in creating lifelong memories, they expanded a modest 2-person venture from a 2000-square-foot space to a sprawling 85,000-square-foot facility. This growth encompassed over 12 diverse divisions, and their team expanded to include over 40 full-time employees. Throughout this journey, they maintained the prominence of the Rixstine name, evolving it from Rixstine Trophy to Rixstine Recognition to encompass our comprehensive range of manufactured products.

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